Russia invested $118 million in study abroad programs

Russia is making huge efforts to climb TOP world university rankings and bring the best international education practices to its higher education institutions.  : According to a new program approved on : June 20 : by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, i.e. The Global Education program, Russian students will now be able to study abroad for free. Russian graduates will receive full financial support from the state provided they agree to work for a Russian company for a minimum of three years after completing their degree abroad. The program will start this fall while the list of acceptable universities includes 150 schools in 25 countries. To qualify for the program, applicants must already have a bachelor’s degree and have applied and been accepted into a foreign university on the list. : 

According to Mr Andrei Nikitin – the Head of Russian : Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) – “The aim of this program is for Russia to adopt the best foreign practices in the field of education”. More than 4 billion rubles ($118 million) have already been allocated to cover the costs of the first three years of the program.

Obviously : this is the time to act. Establishing solid partnerships and collaboration ties with Russian state universities has always been a topical issue but now the opportunities for cooperation are at their largest. All foreign institutions willing to attract a larger number of Russian Master and Postgradute students should take action and establish cooperation with Russian state universities.

One of the most popular way of such partnerhship is a project, when Russian HEI promotes Foreign Partner and : recommends to : its graduates, who are going to continue their education, to choose Partner University for Postgraduate studies. In response : Foreign Institution promotes the interests : of Russian Partner and sends its students for short-term programs to Russia (e.g. Cultural and Language programs, Summer schools, etc).

Reaching out to a great number of Russian universities and HE specialists might seem far from being feasible. Thus, : The IV : Annual International Universities Networking Conference (IUNC Eurasia 2015) : is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to meet up to : 200 Russian and other universities under one roof : and conduct : up to 30 prescheduled one-to-one meetings. Participation in : IUNC Eurasia 2015 : will dramatically increase your networking system and allow you to increase global awareness of your institution.

More information about universities approved by Russian Government for The : Global Education program : is available : here.

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